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TOTEM South Africa - Care/Washing Instructions

Care Instructions

Always carry your Totem schoolbag using both shoulder straps. This will prevent future back problems. A backpack carried on one shoulder will load the spine unevenly which can lead to distorted posture and back problems. Check your Totem bag hangtag for maximum weight of contents.
Prevent zipper problems: Do not overstuff the compartments of your bag. Be careful not to catch anything in the zipper. Always stand Totem bags on the base in order to maintain the condition of the fabric and prevent wear and tear. Place your bag on the ground, do not throw . Do not place sharp unprotected items in your Totem bag, as they may pierce through the fabric.
Be careful not to smash the buckles in the car door or boot.
Do not leave your bag standing in direct extreme sun for long periods of time as this could lead to colour fading.

Washing Instructions

All Totem products are manufactured using high quality fabric.
The products are coated with a PU finish that helps repel dirt.
Wash your totem bags and pencil cases with a mild detergent
using a soft sponge.
Rinse with cool water and dry out of the sunlight.

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