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Ergonomic School Bags for Children

The Importance of Choosing the Right Ergonomic School Bag

Choosing the right schoolbag for your child is a lot like buying new shoes of which should fit correctly and provide adequate support such as ergonomic schoolbags. Recent studies have revealed that there are thousands of children that suffer from bad bag syndrome, which eventually leads to lifelong spinal dysfunctions. Back pain is just one indication of bad bag syndrome as a child can present with spasms, muscle soreness as well as numbness.

Back injuries are affecting children of all ages. Studies have shown that younger school going students typically bear heavier loads as opposed to older students. This indicates that younger children are more exposed to spinal injuries such as curvature of the spine and compression during their developmental stages. If your child tends to stoop or slouch, the chances are their schoolbag could be causing potential damage.

Using Ergonomic Schoolbags Can Reduce the Risk of Spinal Injuries

Many parents fall into the trap of buying the latest schoolbag fashions at the critical expense of bag performance. However, a great designer recognizes that a backpack can be efficient in both ergonomic design and looks. Using the right schoolbag can reduce the risk of injury to your child spine so remember when shopping for a spine sensitive bag, chose from a wide range of ergonomic schoolbags.

Firstly size is important as a backpack should sit no more than three centimetres higher than the child’s shoulders and not be lower than the hips. It is a false economy to invest in a large backpack that a child can grow into as children aged between 5 and 10 require smaller backpacks that have growth buckles. Medium to large ergonomic schoolbags are well suited to teenagers.

Tip on Buying Ergonomic Schoolbags for Children

The key to a good quality schoolbag is proper support, as a child should never carry more than ten percent of their body weight. A backpack should not add to the load but take the load off a child’s back. Ergonomic schoolbags are padded with a special back feature that is in line with the spine and buffers the body from sharp objects. To help load bearing the schoolbag must have an internal support frame.

Ergonomic schoolbags come with adjustable padded shoulder straps that are ergonomically curved in order avoid chaffing and protect nerve endings. For even weight distribution the bags are compartmentalized and the grab handles are padded. The bags stay close to the back and do not cause overheating. Some of the newer models come with an anatomic airflow system that keeps the child back cool.

Ergonomic Schoolbags Provide Several Advantages

Nowadays fashion does count and the way a child rates their schoolbag will determine if and how they will wear the bag. Fashionable ergonomic schoolbags not only look great but come with funky touches and are less likely to be worn over one shoulder only. The bags come with moulded self-standing bases, web seams, dirt repelling PU coating and rain covers. An ergonomic schoolbag is a well worth investment that will prevent you child from slouching and prevents lifelong spinal injuries.

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