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Ergonomic School Bags for Children

Reasons Why Parents’ Should Choose Orthopaedic Schoolbags for Students

Parents should include careful do research when shopping for orthopaedic schoolbags as there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Primary school going children should not carry excessive weight as this may affect their physical growth or cause an injury as they are still in an active growing phase. In addition children should be reminded continuously as to how to pack their bags in line with their daily timetable, which will ensure they do not carry excessive weight and their school bags are not overloaded.

Depending on the child’s age, schoolbags should not weigh more than 3.5 to 5kg and should not weigh more than 15% of their total body weight. To ensure good posture pack the heaviest items closest to the spine and carry the bag using both shoulder straps. The pack lumber padding should be positioned into the small of the back and the straps should be pulled until the bag is flush against the torso and one is able to slide their fingers under the shoulder straps.

Helpful Tips when Shopping for Orthopaedic Schoolbags

Always bend the knees when picking up a school bag and with a straight back use the thigh muscles to lift the bag. Choose a quality school bag that will absorb and distribute the load and it will in turn minimise musculoskeletal stress. The bag should have adjustable ergonomic straps, a padded back piece and contour that fit comfortably on the child’s back. Padded shoulder straps will lessen and distribute the weight evenly.

The schoolbag should not exceed 10cm below the waistline and should be sized according to the child’s torso. Rolling schoolbags should have straps as well, so that when your child does not feel like pulling the bag, they can wear the bag. One should also carry out a weight test before purchasing in order to make sure the bag is not adding to the bulk and weight.

How to Adjust your Orthopaedic Schoolbags Growth Buckle

The growth buckle is situated at the top end of the shoulder strap and needs to be in the full release position for children between the ages of 6 and 7. The small webbing strap alongside the growth buckle should be taught. During a child’s growth period, one has to tighten the buckle at the top and the buckle at the lower end of the shoulder straps must be released.

Children 11 years and upwards should have the larger size schoolbag. Once all the growth buckle has been adjust accordingly place the schoolbag on the back and position the lower padding close against the child’s lower back curve. Hold the schoolbag in this position and then adjust the shoulder straps to fit comfortably. If there is any slack use the buckle to tighten until the strap is taught.

Do Good for Your Child’s Back

To obtain full benefit out of orthopaedic schoolbags, the child should always use both shoulder straps, as this will distribute the weight across the shoulders and back muscles more evenly. By carrying the schoolbag correctly, this will prevent one-sided loading on the child’s spine. If parents teach their children from day one how to pack their orthopaedic schoolbags correctly, this will reduce the impact of heavy loads and will prevent any spinal injuries.

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