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TOTEM South Africa - Ergonomically Designed Schoolbags, Stationary Supplier

About The Brand

TOTEM has evolved over the years into a label with its own identity. It has become a trusted name and developed a strong brand following.
TOTEM bags embody a culture of manufacturing quality, consistently using the finest raw materials and production methods, as well as cutting edge design. TOTEM can therefore confidently offer a lengthy guarantee.
TOTEM’s success extends into both the schoolbag, and accessory sectors, providing a beautiful professional product.
Kids that carry TOTEM bags experience the best form of back protection through the duration of their school years- and in particular during their development when damage is caused by poorly designed bags that cause lasting damage.
In keeping faithful to the vision, TOTEM has cultivated a successful relationship with retailers, which is mutually beneficial and provides great results.
Consistent high quality, attention to detail, special embellishments and trendy graphic designs sets TOTEM aside from the rest.

The core difference of TOTEM bags is that they are either fully Orthopaedic or Ergonomically designed schoolbags.
These bags have gone through extensive research and development. The benefits and special features are recognized and recommended by medical professionals.
Independently indorsed by medical professionals.
TOTEM remains committed to keeping the brand fresh, continuously developing innovative product designs inspired by latest market trends.

The brand is currently involved in an ambitious international expansion plan which has resulted in early success.

About Us

Splash Out cc is a South African company that sells a premium brand of high quality schoolbags and accessories and acts as distributors for
Be-ez, French laptop products.

TOTEM’s core focus is to equip school kids with reliable, Orthopaedically designed schoolbags as well as innovative pencil cases, water bottles, purses and lunch boxes.

TOTEM, launched over a decade ago and has successfully etched out a market segment and established a strong niche in the school bag sector.

In maintaining outstanding quality standards, TOTEM has cultivated successful partnerships with leading retailers, supplying nearly all of the large National Retail chains, stationery groups and independent operators and Splash Out has become the preferred supplier at the top end of the market.

Even though the main selling period falls during the main "back to school" season, TOTEM continues to generate sales throughout the year thanks to customers that need to replace their cheap low quality bags with a reliable TOTEM.

TOTEM retailers have experienced positive sell- through and as a result increase their volumes annually, the products having their own momentum, with satisfied parents and students recommending TOTEM on a continuous basis and in ever growing numbers.

Why Totem?

Totem is a high quality schoolbag and accessory range.
Our schoolbags offer kids a positive health advantage due to the well researched design.
The schoolbags are packed with innovative features to assist kids to carry the heavy loads in a medically correct way.

Special features:

  • Orthopeadically designed with an internal contoured support system
  • Recommended by medical professionals and endorsed by independent medical professionals
  • Extra thick padding in strategic areas promotes comfort
  • Firm contoured base for durability and protection of bag and books
  • Quality tested to last, so schoolbags won't have to be replaced for many years
  • Tried and tested to see through the lengthy guarantee
  • Manufactured using the best raw materials and production methods
  • Totem has developed a positive reputation over the past decade

About the Guarantee

Totem bags must be used in accordance with the care instructions in order to validate the Guarantee.

Guarantee Terms

  • We are confident and stand behind our product quality
  • In order to claim under the guarantee, proof of purchase must be shown
  • The guarantee covers factory defects in material and workmanship within the specified time
  • This is a carry in guarantee. Bags must be delivered and collected by the customer, to the retailer or to Splash Out offices
  • Alternatively, repairs can be posted
  • Please be aware that Totem provides different guarantees for specific products. (see hangtag for details)
  • If a product fails due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair the product at our own discretion
  • Product will only be replaced if it cannot be repaired
  • This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper care, tearing and exposure to extreme temperatures nor does it cover the normal wear and tear resulting in the natural breakdown of material after extended use
  • Repairs to the bag will not be for Totem’s account if the bag is damaged due to abuse by the owner
  • If the product is damaged due to one of the above mentioned reasons, you can still contact your Totem retailer for advise.
  • We can offer to repair your bag using replacement parts
  • Repair costs will be charged at a fair rate and only to cover labor costs
  • All spare parts are offered free of charge, in order to service our customers
  • If still under guarantee then we will cover the return postage cost
  • Please note that we may no longer offer the exact product that you return
  • If a replacement credit is issued you will not get your product back
  • If a bag is replaced before the guarantee expires, then the customer must pay in the difference between the cost of the old bag and the price of the new product

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