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TOTEM South Africa - Schoolbag Distribution and Sales



Reasons why you can confidently stock Totem and be assured of increased sales on an annual basis:

  • Innovative design
    Schoolbags are researched and Orthopeadically designed to carry weight in a medically correct way.
  • Recommended by Medical Professionals
    Recommended and endorsed by medical professionals.
  • Posture protection
    Parents are comforted that Totem will protect their child’s back and prevent back problems now and in the future.
  • Quality tested
    The schoolbags will withstand the normal wear and tear that kids dish out and still see through the guarantee.
  • Established Brand
    Totem has developed a confidence in the market and is reputed as being the top schoolbag range . It was launched in S.A over a decade ago and has steady built its reputation through positive word of mouth reporting. Growth and a more established brand has led to the addition of new collections. A wide product range catering for all age groups and strong visibility across the country has boosted the brands positioning. The consumer demand will assure you of a positive sell through.
  • Development of new Product
    Always maintaining quality as a standard, investing time and money in product development and design. Keeping our products on trend with fashion appeal to different age groups. Keeping 10 steps ahead of our competitors.

What Totem offer retailers:

  • Very few returns
  • Value for money purchase
  • Consistent quality
  • Variety of product for a specialist school market
  • New exciting products annually


We have devised a proven and highly successful marketing campaign, which translates into sales. We direct customer feet through to our retailers.

Use your relationship with the schools to generate further income.


Splash out will arrange to supply in store advertising material such as large size full colour poster and window display decals at our discretion.

Schools Direct

Our partner program is a great way for schools to raise funds. Select from the options below and start selling TOTEM, the highest quality schoolbags in the country.

Direct to Schools

Get involved and give your pupils a health advantage with the Totem Orthopaedic schoolbags. Start selling Totem schoolbags and raise funds for your school. Watch how the Totem sales and your income from profits increases annually.

We Offer

  • "The Back Care Program"
    An educational program done FREE OF CHARGE. This initiative teaches kids simple practices to protect their backs from injury and helps them develop good habits.
  • Advertisement Material
    Call us to discuss our advertising material offer.

Prizes and Competitions

Selling Totem bags will entitle your school to 2 free Totem schoolbags annually.
Great to use as a gift to raffle and raise funds, or as academic prizes.
Kids can enter the competition and win great prices such as - Play station, digital cameras, cel phones and Totem schoolbags and pencil cases.

Silver Program

  • Take orders and sell Totem bags to the kids in your school.
  • Collect the money from the parents and earn 10% commission on each bag.
  • Free delivery for all orders, provided they meet with our minimum order value.

Gold Program

  • Buy Totem schoolbag stock at wholesale prices and sell on to the pupils.
  • Make nice profit.
  • Minimum opening order for schoolbags - 3 cartons of 24 bags.
  • Colours can be assorted in each range.
  • Minimum replenishment order quantity – 1 carton of 6 bags or 1 pack of 12 pencil cases
  • Free delivery for all orders, provided they meet with our minimum order value.

Special Offer - school crest print

  • We offer a special service to print your school crest on any of our schoolbags.
  • Choose the bag shape and size from our range.
  • We will pint your logo free of charge on each bag.
  • Note - Due to factory lead times, your order quantities and artwork approval must be finalized 5 months prior to your required date of receipt of goods.

Designing of schoolbags or accessories

We are schoolbag specialists and can design and develop a high quality durable schoolbag for your school. Use an existing Totem bag construction and the minimum quantity of school bags is 30 units.

Schoolbag Samples

We can arrange to forward and loan you a sample bag for assessment. We can also send you a photo of your bag choice together with your printed school crest. Totem schoolbags are available in 2 sizes and a variety of different constructions.

Contact Us

Contact us to discuss this option together with your requirements.
We need 5 months lead time to manufacture and deliver in time for your final delivery date.

Tel: 011 786 0785
Cell: 082 6521099

Medical Professionals

Participation of Chiropractors and Physiotherapists

The Product

The Totem Orthopaedic schoolbag has been an entrenched product for over a decade. The design has been well researched and medically approved internationally by Orthopaedic doctors, Medical professionals and Physiotherapy Associations.


Totem’s unique supportive, contoured back system, offers stability and ensures an even distribution of weight with perfect contact between the shoulders and lower back. The combination of thick padding in strategic areas and stable support prevent muscle strain and pressure across the shoulder and neck area.

In addition to the medical benefits, Totem schoolbags carry a lengthy guarantee and are exceptionally durable due to stringent quality testing. They have earned a reputation of lasting for many years, in spite of the treatment kids dish out.

The Totem Orthopaedic schoolbags were launched in South Africa, over a decade ago and have been purchased by thousands of satisfied parents all over the country. We have now expanded into new markets abroad.

Benefits to the Medical Professional

  • Advantage gained due to increased exposure of the profession and practice.
  • Potential growth in business due to new patients introductions, due to selling and prescribing the Totem bags.
  • Increased revenue, as a result of sales.
  • Improving the service offered to your patients.
  • Increasing awareness and educating parents about strong medical and preventative benefits of the Totem Orthopaedic schoolbags.

Setting Up

You will receive a full colour poster, highlighting the most important medical benefits, as well as a set of flyers for your reception.
The purchase of a few sample bags is essential, as parents find it difficult to buy a quality product without seeing the actual bag. Wholesale prices apply to the sample bags.

Contact Us

Tel: 011 786 0785
Fax: 011 786 0784

International Distributors

TOTEM is a, premium, niche product range, specializing in the school market. The brand is unique and innovative has become a great success in South Africa. Consistent high quality manufacture combined with creative graphic design has established a strong brand . This has led to an increase in consumer demand which has afforded us the reputation amongst most of the large retail groups as being the leading schoolbag and accessory brand at the top end of the market.

We supply a broad range of innovative, fashionable Orthopaedically designed schoolbags that carry a medical endorsement and a lengthy guarantee. We can produce schoolbags with a special school crest, or develop new product, on condition the MOQ is met. We have expanded our range over the years and have developed a successful range of Ergonomic backpacks, daypacks and sling bags for teens and a broad range of exciting pencil cases.

We continue to keep our brand fresh and design and develop new ranges annually.

We have recently began selling abroad, with early success. We are looking for dynamic, motivated and passionate entrepreneurs to sell into new markets abroad. Are you keen to invest in a brand that is growing aggressively on an annual basis. Can you see the great opportunity to launch the TOTEM brand in your country ? Are you interested in becoming:
An Agent or
A Distributor

Email us some background information about you and your company.
Or call on our landline – country code + 27 11 786 0785

Kind Regards,
Nadine Hirschfield
Quality schoolbags –
Engineered for durability & back protection

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